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02. Traffic Violations

Do Not Just Plead Guilty!

Whether you were speeding, texting while driving, ran a red light, or charged with any other New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law (VTL) violation, it can be time consuming, inconvenient and could impact your ability to maintain a license.

  1. We can typically resolve your matter through the mail

  2. We can also appear for you with a waiver of appearance


Do not just plead guilty! Doing so could be expensive and subject you to points, which could result in higher auto insurance rates. We can typically resolve your matter through the mail or simply have you execute a waiver of appearance authorizing us to appear in Court and enter a plea on your behalf.

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Request a Consultation

Levy & Obstarczyk can dispute your speeding ticket, traffic violation, or parking citation in the Albany New York area. We have experience at the local courthouses overseeing traffic citations. We have the right driving ticket lawyer for you.

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